AV or Audio Visual Can be the centre of your event or it can be the subtle backdrop to an epic performance. Either way you need to be able to relax in the knowledge that the company you choose to work with are able to deliver.

  • Fast Fold Projector Screens

    A strong aluminum framed unit with projection material stretched across. Our high quality materials are able to be projected on from the front or the back.

  • LCD LED Screen Hire

    For that visual element that just needs seeing. All you need to think about is what to put on the screens (we can help with that too!).

  • Exhibition Screen Hire

    Audio Visual exhibition hire and design services.

  • Additional Screens

    Having additional screens around your venue will involve more of the audience. You could simply repeat the content from the main screen and stage or display different content around your event to keep people interested. We can supply cameras and edit content for you.


Staging is literally the foundation of any event. We can extend an existing stage to give you more room, install drum risers and make catwalks, or we can build a bespoke stage from scratch.

We hire stages in singular sections and in entire “stage” formation.  This is due to the huge difference in requests for shape and size we receive.

  • Lite Deck

    An aluminum framed unit with a thick ply-wood top.  The strength of these individual pieces of stage make these the industry standard for modular stages.  They have detachable tubular legs that can be ordered in different lengths and used with our adjustable feet to meet requirements.

  • Catwalks

    Catwalks or Runways as they are sometimes referred to can be an addition to an existing stage or can be constructed from scratch. A popular choice is to use our silk flame effect lights to mark the entrance to the catwalk. This is very popular and has been used at many different venues.

  • Festival Stages

    Festival Stages for festival sized events we generally supply trailer stages which are much larger but considerably quicker to setup. A trailer stage will require much larger access to a venue.


Pro Event Solutions can supply anything from a disco package with a DJ, to a concert system with sound engineer’s and crew. We can also supply on a dry hire basis.

Our sound systems are completely modular and can be adapted to suit your every requirement. We will consult with you about your event and design a package for you. We have sound systems available for weddings, conference, concert, in fact almost every type of event.

  • Speakers

    We provide a wide range of speaker options, from festival-sized rigs all the way to smaller personal party set ups. We can offer you the perfect-sized rig for whatever event you are planning.

  • Amplifiers

    We have a large collection of power amplifiers for hire to bring all our speaker systems to life, as well as some fantastic speaker management rack units and the latest wireless audio speaker systems!

  • Monitors

    Monitors or Foldback are used primarily for artists to hear themselves or specific sounds.

  • Mixers

    Mixers are the most central part to any sound system. As with all equipment you can hire from us you will only get the highest of quality.


Lighting and effects can make or break your event. Whatever your lighting requirements are you need a company you can rely on. Below are some of our more frequently used lights and lighting accessories with examples of their uses.

  • Moving Heads

    These are extremely popular and incredibly versatile lights. You can select the colour, shape and size of the beam and then direct it almost anywhere within the venue via remote control.

  • LED Up-lighters

    Used more frequently as they are low temperature and low power consumption with high output.

  • Parcans

    Basic but probably the most used light in any venue used to provide different colours and moods across a wide section of stage or floor. The colour can be selected but putting different transparent colour sheets in a gel frame on the front of the fixture. These sheets are known as gels.

  • Truss

    The frame work to which lights, advertising banners, screens, backdrops and even artists can be mounted and raised above the stage. Trussing is usually made from aluminium. It can be raised either manually or via a motor winching system.

  • Gobos

    Used to create a shape within the light beam for example a star, some text or even your company logo. This effect is created by placing the gobo within the beam of light and shining the light through it much like a shadow.

Pro Event Solutions and our staff are fully insured.

Copies of our public and employers liability documents are available on request.