Introducing Catchbox

Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone designed for audience engagement.


With Catchbox, getting audiences to participate becomes as easy as throwing them the mic. Because this is faster and easier than passing a handheld microphone, questions, comments, and discussion become more spontaneous and can occur throughout a presentation or lecture, not just at the end.

Every Catchbox product is fully customizable. And each Catchbox has amazing features: it’s light and soft, it’s extremely durable and dirt repellent, it has built-in auto mute function and most importantly it’s safe – it has a magnetic lock that holds all the electronics inside the soft part.


Throw me a catchbox mic

People don’t go to lectures, conferences, or meetings just to listen to someone talk that is what youtube, email, and the internet is for. Instead, events should be about engagement, participation, and discussion, not just information.


Breaks The Ice & Lightens the Mood


Most people are afraid of speaking in front of their peers, limiting discussion. The colorful playful Catchbox easily breaks the ice and lightens the mood at any event. Participation becomes more relaxed, fun, and game like. This means even the quietest attendees aren’t afraid to speak up, and that the all important “silly obvious” questions get asked.


Lets get your audience talking

Customise & Make it Your Own


With our Custom Cover Service you can flawlessly integrate your brand, event theme or any other graphics onto the 4 sides of the Catchbox. This means added visibility for you or a sponsor.


Lets start customising

Catchbox Module

Catchbox Lite

Catchbox Plus